Archaeological complex Cutimbo

Just over 20km from Puno, this dramatic
site (admission S6; h8am-5pm) has an extraordinary
position atop a table-topped volcanic
hill surrounded by a fertile plain. Its modest
number of well-preserved chullpas, built by
the Colla, Lupaca and Inca cultures, come in
both square and cylindrical shapes. You can
still see the ramps used to build them. Look
closely to find several monkeys, pumas and
snakes carved into the structures.
This remote place receives few visitors,
which makes it both enticing and
potentially dangerous for independent
travelers, especially women. Go in a group
and keep an eye out for muggers. People
are known to hide behind rocks at the top
of the 2km trail that leads steeply uphill
from the road.
Combis en route to Laraqueri leave the
cemetery by Parque Amista, 1km from the
center of Puno (S3, one hour). You can’t miss
the signposted site, which is on the left-hand
side of the road – just ask the driver where
to get off. The high cost of a taxi (approximately
S30 one way) may make a taking
package tour (S94) from Puno worth it.